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January 5, 2013
The FRC 2013 competition has been annouced! Ultimate Ascent

January 23, 2013
See what we're up too in our Week One Team Update!

January 29, 2013
Week 2 Update is up! see what us busy students have been doing

January 5, 2013
FIRST Robotics Competition 2013 kickoff. @ Burlington Central High School

January 14, 2012
We're doing the FLL webcast.



The goal when building was to make a website which uses the latest features offered by modern browsers and still degrade gracefully for those less fortunate. We wanted students and mentors with no programming knowledge to be able to maintain the website’s content, from pages to photos.

Custom Built

Our website is built entirely from scratch. All design, content, and programming is done within the team. We have a back-end panel for team members to easily maintain the website and add new content.


Pages on are tested in a wide range of browsers and devices. We monitor our traffic using Google Analytics and make sure we’re targeting the platforms our site is viewed with.

All pages have a printer and reader-friendly version which strips everything but the content, the reader can choose a colour theme or a different font.

For the Team

Members of the team can easily access information via our team notices area or the team blog. We use a few different services to keep our members (including student’s parents) informed. Team notices sync with Google Calendar and the blog will notify students about new posts.


Since January 1st 2011, 7206 different people have visited our website, totaling to 29004 page views. Our social media campaigns and search engine optimization helps us receive traffic from all over the world, and not just from fellow FIRSTers.


We use the latest client side and server side technology to power Our Linux server uses the Ruby on Rails web framework through Apache. Ruby is an expressive programming language which allows our team to develop quickly and easily deploy new features.

Our backend is done with the excellent Ruby gem active-admin and uses several other open source projects such as Paperclip, rdiscount and geocoder.

The site takes advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 functionality as well as the modern JavaScript framework jQuery. We use a CSS3 extension compiler called Sass to make CSS development a breeze and help us use the latest components from the CSS3 specification.

All code for the website is available on GitHub on our repository.


Our site uses several external services to create a rich, modern web experience.

  • Twitter: tweets are pulled on the client side using Twitter’s REST API
  • Google Calendar: team notices can be synced with Google Calendar with a single button click
  • Google Maps: Photos and albums can have location data from their venue displayed in an interactive map
  • YouTube: Video is pulled directly from YouTube using their JavaScript API
  • ShareThis: Social sharing is made easy with services from ShareThis

Complete Technical Specs

9 Myths About Small Online Business Lending

Some people are skeptic about borrowing money online to open a small business, though there are strengths and weaknesses in any industry, the fear that people have about small online business lending will be from what they hear from other people with bad experiences.

Here are 10 everyday fictitious stories about online lending for a small business and the realities of its development.

  1. Consent procedures are excessively lengthy” -This is somewhat true, but let’s be honest, all loans take a while to get approved, but the benefit of applying for a small business loan online is the fact that there are websites out there that offer cash funding twice as fast as other loan websites.
  1. “I will have a hard time applying because my business is just starting” - Everyone starts somewhere, the reason why start up businesses do not get approved right away, it’s because they are commonly organized as establishments that have been running for 1 year or less. If you have good individual standing then you will be eligible for business lines of credit quickly.
  1. “I’m scared that online lending might be a scam” Business lending websites have grown principally and have improved on gaining costumers trust over the years. Most websites now a day have certificates and licenses to operate for the security of their customers.
  1. “ I don’t have credit history” – A credit rating will not be the main reason for determining if you are eligible for a finance or not. They will also put into consideration the documents that you hold, and how well you can run your business. With the right documentation, it is possible that you will be approved.
  1. “I need to be carefully equipped with a business plan before I can apply for a loan” – Though it does help to be well organized when applying for a small online business loan, there are some websites that do not require you to submit a business plan. As long as you generate income from your business, that will be the only factor to consider.
  1. “Asking for too much money will automatically deny my application” - Some lenders are very skeptic with a person who borrows too much. They will often decline to lend you if the amount is over $200,000 or higher, but they will give you an alternative option suitable to what you can afford.
  1. “Online loans are too hard to pay back” - This is not true, because there are some small online business loan websites that offer very flexible repayment options. Lenders will often pick a payment option for you that will best suit your income and availability to pay back.
  1. “Online lenders are loan sharks” – This is also not true, some small online business loan websites are actually reputable lenders. Some websites even partner up with banks to keep their business running smoothly.
  1. “Borrowing online is too expensive to pay back” –Not all websites will allow you to borrow money, which you cannot afford to pay back, most of them will offer a suitable plan for you that is within your budget.