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January 5, 2013
The FRC 2013 competition has been annouced! Ultimate Ascent

January 23, 2013
See what we're up too in our Week One Team Update!

January 29, 2013
Week 2 Update is up! see what us busy students have been doing

January 5, 2013
FIRST Robotics Competition 2013 kickoff. @ Burlington Central High School

January 14, 2012
We're doing the FLL webcast.



  • Take photos of events and build season meetings
  • Catalogue events with various forms of media
  • Produce videos for our YouTube channel


  • Prototyping robot componenets
  • Manufacture final robot components


  • Design and implement our electrical components on each robot
  • Test electrical components on each robot

Programming and Website

Programming Subteam Discussion
  • Design the high-level logic of the robots operation
  • Write code to execute logic
  • Test and debug new peripherals for future use in our code base
  • Design and add new features to the website
  • Add and maintain content on the website

Robot Design and CAD

  • Lead team discussion and brainstorming efforts on robot design and strategy
  • Weigh advantages and disadvantages of various design points
  • Research previous designs and approaches to engineering challenges
  • Model components of the robot in software such as Autodesk Inventor

Business and Outreach

  • Spread knowledge of FIRST and MMRambotics to the community
  • Create a business plan and budget for our team
  • Maintain contact with sponsors and obtain more partners

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Features of a Home Insurance App

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